FreshBooks pros & cons

A basic platform from FreshBooks helps this a more realistic possibility for small businesses that regularly send invoices.

FreshBooks Pros

FreshBooks is described itself as a basic and intuitive cloud-based accounting application that’s simply accessible via all your devices. You can sign up for a trial account took just a few minutes. You will not be required a credit card in the signup process, which you easily type your email address and password, then check your email and click a link to verify the setup.

The home display offers an uncluttered layout, with navigation to all you need on one display. It is easy for the left sidebar to access buttons for the dashboard and important functions, like invoices, estimates, clients, expenses, projects, and time tracking. It also offers a Create New button on the dashboard, a shortcut that allow you to quickly create new invoices, estimates, customer profiles and expenses. Each display includes a box which is placed at the top of the page with tasks, tips or videos to help you get started. Generally, the FreshBooks is easy and intuitive to use as the business claims it is.

It’s simple to build invoices, view invoice payments and control all your standard tasks. FreshBooks has excellent feature, which is a big point for service-based companies sending invoices to customers. Businesses would like to concentrate on work, not problems with accounting software.

FreshBooks Cons

Although FreshBooks provides the top invoicing function for small companies, it isn’t without its challenges. For example, it is missing vendor, inventory-management and purchase-ordering function, so it isn’t well fitted for companies with inventory. Rather, it’s built for service- or project-based agencies and includes time-tracking and project management tools.

Another disadvantages of the application is that you can’t see reports or control team members from the app. While you could employ the browser on your phone or tablet to connect your FreshBooks account to do this, it’s not convenient if you’re on the go. FreshBooks’ mobile app does not offer the Apple Watch or Android-powered smartwatches. Finally, although document customization couldn’t be simpler, with only two templates and two font options, it offers fewer options than most of its rivals.



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