How you can restrict your kid’s using Internet?

  1. Be a good mirror

According to experts, the way by which a parent uses smart phone may have a negative impact on their children’s behavior. Children may also feel isolated if the parents only pay attention to their phone instead of them. As a consequence, they may find ways in order to get attention from you.

To limit your screen time, you should switch off your device and leave it in another room when it’s time to play with your kids. You should be aware of how often you should check messages or social media during them and get to grips with avoiding those activities when you are with your children.

When you kids feel that they have all of your attention, they will find it less difficult to limit their phone use when they see you doing that.

  1. Start to move more

Children who often spend their day using the phone to play video games or watch cartoons may not be active. On the other hand, if a child does exercises regularly, they will be more active and behave better. Thus, they can focus more than those who do not.

Children of school age should take about 60 minutes of light exercise every day. In order to motivate your kids to do more exercise, you should start by being a good example. You can invite them to join you with your routine such as doing yoga or going for a walk day by day. If you can, you can purchase devices that encourage kids to do more exercises or take them to such classes as swimming.

When you and your kids are watching something or playing video games together, you can ask them to stand up and move for a while during breaks. You do not need to do anything serious and heavy, just spread out your hands and legs. Technology is really amazing, which is now an indispensable part in our life. In order to make the most out of this, it is better to have a balance between technology and real life.


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