The most downloaded applications for your children

  1. Qustodio (on Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android)

In general, Qustodio comes with an intuitive and convenient interface by which you can log in for enjoying a free version of its software quickly. You will be able to control everything from the dashboard with social media management, time limitations for internet use, games or apps to the ability to manage text messages and calls on the devices. There is also a real-time Internet filter which can identify pornography to make sure that everything is blocked, even when it comes to individual browsing modes. Other prominent point of Qustodio is its compatibility option. More precisely, it can work with all operating systems such as Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS. Currently, the brand is trying to earn more profit with this feature so that some features can not be used, including game blocking or location tracking. Users with free version can only use basic features. If you want more, you need to pay for a subscription.

  1. Kidlogger (on different platforms)

Kidlogger is an ideal choice if you would like to be covert instead of proactive. Rather than blocking sites, the software will track keystrokes and web history in an automatic manner, along with the program use. As you download it on your phone, the app will start to log any phone calls made in an automatic manner by using number and contact name. it can work with popular apps such as Instagram or Discord, which many parents would like to focus more. The free version of Kidlogger is alright but of course, the premium versions come with more features. If you want to manage your kid’s phone conversations and record messages, Kidlogger can help you. However, the app does not have any password protection thus you may be detected by your children. Currently, the app is available for such operating systems as MacOS, Windows, BlackBerry and iOS. Last but not least, similar to the above software, a free account restricts you to one device only, if you pay more, you can get more protection.


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