The most ideal technological toys for children

Looking for a gadget for your kid’s next birthday is more difficult that what you may think. The market for children toys is being expanded much wider than what we used to see in the past. It is highly recommended for you to pick a device which is both inspiring and educational but interesting enough to motivate your kids to use. Let’s take a look at the following choices.

  1. Make Block mBot Smart Robot kit

The Make Block mBot Smart Robot kit is easily used in order to deliver STEM subjects to pupils studying at primary schools. The robot kit is made from modules that can fit with an enclosed screwdriver. There is no need for soldering. What is more, it also comes with some pre-installed modes by which your kid can discover such important robot functions as obstacle avoidance and line following by using coding. For more experienced kids, the mBot can be managed through a programming system as well as added new functions. It can work with LEGO as well. Everything is packed in a system.

  1. Littlebits Avengers Hero Invetor Kit

Educating your children with STEM is now much easier thanks to the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit from Little Bits. Kids can enjoy full Tony Stark mode by setting up their own wearable gauntlet, which can be completed by sensors, sound effects as well as flashing lights. It can be personalized easily so that your children can deal with a wide variety of components to check how they work.

What is more, kids can also put more superhero power to their gauntlet through a coding system based on block. There is also a compatible application by which the kids will be taught with the building and coding process. The tutorials will start easily and then become more difficult later. Your children will be able to learn how to make circuits, interact with sensors and deal with sounds and lights.

Last but not least, what makes this option outstanding is its customization. Children can handle the blocks in order to add new superhero power or capture their own battle.


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