Tips for productivity apps and software

The first step: organize and set your tasks’ priority

Having to do a lot of tasks during the day can be really difficult to deal with sometimes, especially when you do not know how to organize them effectively. Some people may write down all of their tasks that they need to do in order to review what should be done first and when to finish.

However, when they have all of their tasks written down, they may be frightened that there are a lot of them. On the contrary, if they prioritize them and categorize them depending on their importance as well as urgency, they would know where to start. An ideal tool that can help you deal with this is Week Plan. Week Plan is a great software which will enable you to create a list of all tasks you should do during the week and organize them into various groups such as Important and Urgent activities, Not Important and Urgent tasks and something like that.

What is more, with this tool, you will get something called the Parking lot in which you can write down your ideas that you want to focus later. Also, in this app, there is Pomodoro timer by which you can know when to pay attention to your tasks. This is a time management technique that can gamify to make your work more interesting. You can pay attention to an individual task for 25 minutes without any interruptions and then take a break for 5 minutes. During those 5 minutes, you can go out and do something, not working in order to become more energetic to come back to work.

Block out distractions

A great tool you can take advantage to focus more on your work is StayFocused, which is a plugin for Google Chrome that will restrict the time you spend on using website. This is also customized in terms of sites that you would like to restrict and the time you want to spend ignoring them. Thanks to this, you may find it easier to concentrate on what you are working.


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