Tips to choose the most suitable wired headphones

First and foremost, you should stick to your mind, instead of being eager to have a fashionable device, which is up-to-date, there is no reason that you should purchase the newest or the hottest wired headphones.

Unlike smart phones, in which the technology is advancing over the time, even every day, wired headphones are not as that quick pace.

In fact, this is just a beginning market and if a pair of wonderful headphones was made on sale some years ago, they are still wonderful until now.

The most necessary point that you should bear in mind when shopping for a couple of wired headphones is whether they are open backed or close backed. Open backed headphones can sound better while they also leak sound. Therefore, you may not want to use it outside or at home while other people are watching movies in the same space.

What is more, open headphones come with a wider sound stage, which gives the music room to expand. Thus, it is ideal to play live recordings as well as classical music concerts in which the performance scale is required.

On the other hand, closed models come with a more direct sound stage and there is a less lack of sound. They are more ideal to utilize when moving out and are more suitable for using when you are sitting next to someone who is sleeping as this kind of headphones will not let sound go out of your ear to interfere other people.

Moreover, depending on how you would like to use your headphones, you also had better focus on the impedance, which is measured in ohms. This is a helpful indicator of quality, importantly if you are going to take advantage of your headphones with a dedicated amp. Models of high quality will have higher impedance but in return, it needs more power to control them to the most.

The most significant difference between in-ears and over-ears models is that you do not need to care too much for impedance when you go with in-ear options.


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