Tips to make the most out of productivity tools

Being able to stay informed about the upcoming events

If you work with a team, you may want to know what is happening so that you should always be notified about the events and news from the industry in general and from your team particularly. As you have a lot of sources of data and it may take a lot of time just to switch between apps or tools or files to check them one by one. That is when we need a productivity tool, which can gather news from a wide variety of sources and deliver them to us in one place only.

One of the best and the most effective tools nowadays is Flipboard. This tool will let you opt for your own areas of interest and topics you want to receive news. You can integrate it with your social media accounts so that you will only see what you want to see.

Another effective feature from Flipboard is its capability to create your own magazines which can be either public or private. You can add news to your own magazines if you accidentally see an article that you like and want to save for later reading.

Currently, Flipboard is available on both IOS and Android operating systems, as well as the website. If Flipboard does not suit your taste, you can choose other similar applications such as Feedly, Smart News and so on.

Control online media effectively

If you are a PR professional, you may know that media monitoring is among the most important tasks for you. You will need to check if your customer’s name or brand has turned up somewhere. In the stage of digital media, there are countless pages out there and there is no way that you can control all of them. in this case, you can take a look at the tool designed for media monitoring, Meltwater. More precisely, this software will let you control companies, rivals, names and so on from over 200 thousand blogs, social media platforms and so on.


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