Tips to pick the right security camera for you

  1. Whether the cameras should be discreet or become a virtual deterrent

The place and what you want to control will help you make a decision whether obvious or discreet cameras are in need. Box cameras can be some of the most obvious options, which will remind people that they are being controlled so that they will not steal anything in your place.

On the other hand, dome cameras are the best choices to use for discretion because of their small shape, which can even be covered in your hand. The last option is Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, which are suitable for controlling expansive areas.

  1. Will your security cameras be utilized indoors or outdoors?

While most modern cameras can be taken advantage both inside and outside, it is vital to think of such features as mounting and housing. If you want to use your camera in a cold place, you should opt for one with a durable design and an integrated heater so that it will be able to activate and work in such temperature.

In such industries as transport, it is necessary to go with a robust video surveillance solution which is able to deal with severe environments in which there may be a high level of vibration.

Moreover, in such spaces as factories, cameras should be protected from sawdust. That is why we should also consider housing features.

  1. The area you want to monitor

Last but not least, the area you want to monitor with a security system will decide the best kinds of cameras you need as well as the network. It is helpful that you should draw a blueprint of the floor area in order to evaluate the amount and types of cameras.

Pan Tilt Zoom cameras are suitable for large areas providing large range of view and the ability to zoom in particular details. For instance, the Canon with wide angle views will help you monitor big spaces with only one single camera. Thus, you should be careful in order to invest money properly.


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