Tips to protect your children from technology threats

  1. Switching off purchase options

As you may know, a lot of children have accidentally used their parents’ phone and press on the Buy button on such pages as Amazon or Shopee. You may also have heard about kids making use of their parents’ accounts to buy games or food and so on. No matter those activities are done by accident or intention, your kids can end up with a lot of bills when you are logged into your online accounts.

The solution to deal with this problem is to switch off in-app purchases. In spite of the fact that this may be rather inconvenient as you want to purchase something, it only takes a few seconds to turn on again. In order to do this, you can go to the settings page of each app and choose User Controls in order to set a PIN for purchases in order to avoid making questions about what is delivered to your home.

  1. Disable the power

If you work from home regularly, you may be really annoyed that your pet or your kid may accidentally turn off your computer before you save your work. You can not blame on computer manufacturers that they have made the power button so sensitive, which is covered in bright colors and tempted for your child.

Thus, you can start to disable the power button so that your children will not able able to turn your devices on or off. If you are using a Windows laptop, you can go to Power Options in the control panel and click Choose What the Power Buttons Do and opt for Do Nothing. As a result, it will not work if your baby tries to shut down your computer.

Nevertheless, on the other hand, you can not enjoy this feature on Mac devices. Instead, you can make use of an application to do the same thing. You can download the app Power Block by which you can set your system to shut down, restart or sleep in an automatic manner easily.


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