Using technologies to gain better control over your children

  1. Zoodles web browser which is friendly to kids (on Windows, MacOS and Android)

Zoodles has developed a new web browser with children in mind. This software is truly ideal for young children who want to try accessing content on the Internet. Zoodles comes with a filtered online experience with a promoted child-friendly content put in a garden.

Currently, Zoodles can be used on a lot of different devices and operating systems, which provides games, books, videos as well as approach other content which is suitable for children. All the content can be personalized by their parents. There are also activity reports by which you can manage what your kid is doing on the browser as well as a recommending engine, which supports parents to apply learning tools for their children through the app.

This is what the free version offers. Of you with the advanced edition, which costs 8 dollars each month or 60 dollars per year, will comes with extra features such as storybooks, time management, multiple language options and so on.

  1. Fox Filter (on Google Chrome or Firefox Add-on)

Fox Filter is made to offer users the ability to block filters based on individual keywords as well as sites while providing many other solutions to add trusted sites to a list of prohibited content. What is more, the sensitivity settings can be taken advantage to scan body content as well as the URL links in order to make sure that you will not reach bad content.

Currently, this is an ideal option for blocking a lot of websites and is among the most rapid software to get up and running. But if you are a beginner, you would learn to know what keywords should be added. If you insert too many keywords, you may find that all websites may be blocked. Last but not least, Fox Filter provides you with free support through email. Thus, if you run into any problems, you can contact for help.

If you want to have a full protection for your growing children, this is a wonderful choice.


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