What features to consider before buying a security camera


  1. The amount of picture clarity and detail you need

To decide the level of image clarity and detail, you should consider the size of the area you would like to monitor. For instance, wide spaces in your shop will ask for more high resolution to make sure that the image quality is not broken when you zoom them.

On the other hand, small areas such as offices or living rooms will only need cameras of low resolution. In other words, not all situations need high-resolution cameras. You should evaluate each space carefully in order to spend money effectively.

  1. The lighting conditions

Another vital point to consider is testing cameras to see which options work best in the light conditions of the room. Areas inside and outside will come with various levels of sunlight during the day, which is even changed depending on seasons.

Light plays an important part when choosing a security camera. You should know whether a strong back lighting will lead to a glare or not. For such spaces as night clubs, strobe lighting is not ideal to use. There are currently a lot of technologies which can make sure you can capture usable footage in different lighting conditions.

  1. The importance of audio

Integrating audio into a system will make it easier for a user to hear and speak with possible perpetrators. What is more, it can be conveniently integrated into video management systems.

  1. The scalability and whether you need to have more cameras after using for a while

Having a flexible and scalable system is also necessary. The issue with conventional CCTV systems is that they are designed in a closed circuit so that everything is connected by using wires. If you want to extend the system, it is inconvenient and difficult.

Therefore, it is necessary to pick IP cameras which can connect over a wireless network by which you can grow and scale anything in the system if you want. Last but not least, adding IP cameras to a network should be simple and easy.


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