What to know to prevent your kids from using technological devices too much

There is a good reason why Steve Jobs told that everyone should restrict screen for their own children. He claimed that there are a lot of harmful effects caused by electronic devices, especially when it comes to a maturing mind. In New York Times, it is stated that other technological giants also agree with this opinion of Steve Jobs and they are also prohibiting electronic devices for children during weekdays and limiting use on weekends. This post is going to let you know the reasons why electronic gadgets are also so harmful.

  1. The replacement of toys

Nowadays, screens are gradually replacing toys that have been a means of both education and entertainment for children in such a long time. According to a study, touch-screen games have taken over other forms of entertainment such as dolls, board games and so on.

  1. An impact on language development

The next harmful impact of screen using is affecting language development. It is researched that every 30 minutes of screen time means 49 percent of risks for speech delay.

  1. It is hard to control exposure

Another issue with this exposure is that it may be impossible for parents to keep an eye on what the children are paying attention to. Sometimes, what children are watching may upset them in a negative manner.

  1. Screens can easily lead to violence.

What is more, screens also result in children’s violence at a young age and this exposure may last for a long time when they are maturing. It is found that teenagers and children who have a habit of watching violent video games or programs may be more aggressive and more likely to be involved in arguments and fight with their friends.

  1. Screens can influence brain development in a negative way.

Last but not least, too much screen using at a young age may affect a kid’s brain development forever. It is better that your children should move out and enjoy fresh air as well as take part in more activities outside.


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